Our Company

AST International is a technology leader, innovator, and development partner for sensors and controls. Our maximum-precision products are deployed in function- and safety-related systems across a variety of settings such as cars and domestic appliances.

Our ever-expanding patent portfolio already features over 50 patents and utility models.

And thanks to our technological expertise, our products always deliver superlative quality and reliability.

What sets us apart is our ability to combine customized developments, corresponding industrialization measures, and process engineering with optimized time to market and highly automated series production.

Our customers include world-leading companies in the automotive and domestic appliance industries and in additional industry sectors.

Customer Focus

As a technology company, we have a modular system for sensor solutions and control elements at our disposal capable of creating customized applications that can be implemented with maximum reliability and in a short period of time. Together with our broad technology portfolio, this platform approach enables us to rapidly develop market-driven solutions that are perfectly tailored to our customers’ challenges.

Our Vision

AST International aims to further expand its leading position in sensor technologies. These internally developed technologies are used not only for sensor applications but also for control elements. As a result, AST International is positioning itself as the leading supplier of integrated sensor systems for a wide range of physical parameters.  The company’s development activities are focused on emerging fields such as e-mobility and autonomous driving in the automotive sector as well as comfort and connectivity in the industry and appliances sector.

We play a key role in boosting safety, comfort, and sustainability in day-to-day applications – and above all in mobility.

Our Mission

AST International supports its customers in the automotive and domestic appliance industries and in additional industry sectors through the resource-conscious use of innovative sensor technologies.

Our dedication to our customers, suppliers, employees, and partners is the driving force behind our corporate values, growth strategy, and company processes.

And our sustainable products conserve resources while meeting the expectations of our customers in terms of quality, reliability, performance, and innovation. AST International works tirelessly to ensure greater sustainability, safety, and comfort in automotive, domestic appliance, and industrial applications.

Our Sites


Our Calw headquarters in the north of the Black Forest house our administrative and sales departments as well as all functions ranging from development through to validation and testing, industrialization, and highly automated large-scale production. Located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, the heart of the German automotive industry, this site features 200-plus employees – including more than 50 highly skilled engineers and technicians working in design or in software and hardware development.

The birthplace of author Hermann Hesse, Calw is a charming town with a preserved historic center and a population of nearly 25,000. The local economy is focused on technology and features a number of small-medium enterprises, which benefit in turn from the synergies of an ever-expanding business network. Calw also enjoys excellent connections to the nearby Stuttgart metropolitan region, which is easy to reach via federal highways and the expressway.

Chodová Planá

We have relocated some of our production to the Czech Republic in order to boost our competitiveness and expand our capacity. Located a mere 350 kilometers from our headquarters, this certified site focuses on the production of spare parts and small series for the automotive industry – all of which is handled by a team of over 70 employees.

The 2,000-strong town of Chodová Planá is close to the German border and around ten kilometers south of Mariánské Lázně, a historic spa town.


AST International started its business more than 250 years ago. For more than 40 years, the company has specialized in electronics and controls, and in sensors for more than 10 years. Millions of cars use AST´s level & quality sensors (e.g. by using SCR technology). 

The company was originally founded in Calw back in 1766.

1926: Robert Seuffer takes over the company.

1980: start of production for mechatronic products, mechanical assemblies, and integrated electronics.

2009: opening of the new development center in Calw.

2019: takeover of the Robert Seuffer company by Blantyre Capital and renaming as AST International GmbH. This powerful international investor works to help the company continue its growth trajectory and further expand its lines of business.

2020: second production site enters operation in the Czech Republic with a focus on manual production.

In accordance with the growth strategy "Vision 2025+" led by the new management team, the company is shifting its focus to sensors.

AST International has firm plans in place to expand production both at its headquarters in Calw and at its Chodová Planá site in the Czech Republic.

Close interaction between research and development, production, and sales has delivered results and strengthened the resolve of management to continue pursuing this approach.

Today, AST International specializes in the development and manufacture of sensors and control elements.

Its products are mainly used in motor vehicles, industrial electronics, and household appliances. The company has over 300 employees at its sites in Germany and the Czech Republic, including approximately 50 highly skilled specialists working in design or in software and hardware development.