Sensor Based Controls (SBC)

Comprising touch controls and conventional control elements, the field of Sensor Based Controls was developed out of the traditional core business of AST. The new generation of wear-free technology based on sensors boosts reliability in the automotive industry, even in the most challenging conditions.

Innovations in the domestic appliance industry have led to improved comfort and handling with sensor-based control elements.

Our products are used by the automotive industry as control elements in the form of multifunction, rotary, and pushbutton switches. In the domestic appliance industry, touch controls are deployed in refrigerators, stoves, extractor hoods, and washing machines.

Touch Controls

Sensor buttons that trigger signals when gently tapped

Touch controls have replaced mechanical switches in a number of settings, with sensor buttons now used for convenient operation of appliances such as stoves. A gentle tap of the finger is all it takes to configure the performance settings and functions. Touch controls are also featured in many other modern kitchen appliances including washing machines, refrigerators, and microwaves.

The buttons comprise sensor surfaces and an analysis unit. These sensor surfaces can be covered with various materials such as glass or film. Unlike mechanical buttons, they do not require significant pressure or force: A gentle tap is sufficient to trigger the sensor.

Conventional Control Elements

Switches or assemblies for triggering electrical functions

Switches generally work according to the on-off principle and open or close the current circuit in which they are installed, with actuation always leading to a specific switch status.

Our sensor based control elements are contactless and thus free from wear as they transmit the switch signal via proximity sensors once the switch or button is actuated.

Button, rotary, and steering column switches are typical examples of sensor based control elements that are usually combined to form an assembly.

As these switches feature contactless operation, they are particularly suitable for use in settings with high levels of dirt or moisture.