Force/Torque Sensors

AST’s force/torque sensors utilize the strain placed on the given mechanical structure by the applied forces and torques. Such strain is measured by the sensor using the differential eddy current principle. In the process, the sensor achieves a resolution in the nanometer range. The existing structural component serves as a reference for the force/torque measurement. The shape of the sensors can be adapted to the conditions of the structural mechanics within wide limits. In most cases, a housing that seals off the structural component protects the sensor against environmental influences up to a rating of IP6K9K. All AST sensors are equipped with a microcontroller and are therefore able to execute complex algorithms directly on the sensor. An output signal processed in this way is then made available in analog or digital form. Our force/torque sensors are used, for example, in electrically actuated brakes of electric vehicles or for axle load measurement in commercial vehicles.

Force- & Torque-Sensor

Sensor for Force- & Torque measurement using the elements of the given structure

AST‘s inductive Force-& Torque sensors make it possible to use structural components to measure forces and torques. The acting forces and torques lead to minimal deformations of the structure, which can be precisely detected by the sensitive sensors. The measuring principle is based on eddy currents and can detect changes in geometry  in the nanometer range. The sensor electronic can be integrated into the sensor element or can be connected via a cable. Especially in  high temperature environments it makes sense, to keep the electronic box  separated.