Touch Controls

Sensor buttons that trigger signals when gently tapped

Touch controls have replaced mechanical switches in a number of settings, with sensor buttons now used for convenient operation of appliances such as stoves. A gentle tap of the finger is all it takes to configure the performance settings and functions. Touch controls are also featured in many other modern kitchen appliances including washing machines, refrigerators, and microwaves.

The buttons comprise sensor surfaces and an analysis unit. These sensor surfaces can be covered with various materials such as glass or film. Unlike mechanical buttons, they do not require significant pressure or force: A gentle tap is sufficient to trigger the sensor.

Control panels for stoves

Control panels for configuring a variety of stove functions
Control panels for stoves

Modern stoves offer a particularly wide range of useful functions, with well-structured control panels helping to make operation as simple as possible.

Stoves featuring touch electronics in place of traditional control elements support especially intuitive configuration with just a gentle tap of the finger.

Our control panels directly enable the user to select the desired cooking zone and performance settings. For example, the user easily configure the desired temperature by moving their finger to the relevant level displayed on a slider.

Control panels for stoves are specially developed to meet demanding temperature and dirt requirements while ensuring flawless functionality. We develop dedicated algorithms for this purpose and adapt individual functions to meet the needs of the market and our customers.