Energy Infrastructure

Especially in today's world, the provision of energy is becoming increasingly important. What was once commonly "fuel" in the form of gasoline or diesel is now expanding to include electricity and other sources of energy (e.g., hydrogen). This poses ever-new challenges for infrastructure and requires technological solutions to meet the new requirements.

AST's sensor solutions play a key role here. For example, our sensor technology for detecting hydrogen leaks is an important safety feature in hydrogen refueling stations as it can detect even the smallest concentrations of highly flammable hydrogen gas in the ambient air and indicate possible defects.

Likewise, AST ensures safety and transparency in the aera of fast-charging infrastructure with its energy meter that complies with calibration regulations. Our meters therefore not only meet the legal requirements, but above all, protect the consumer from manipulation and billing errors. In addition, our current sensors are already designed for future requirements in the field of megawatt charging, allowing our customers to be ready to face the future.