AST International is a technological leader and an innovative development partner for sensors and controls. Our maximum-precision products are used in function- and safety-relevant systems across a wide variety of industries.

Our ever-developing patent portfolio currently comprises over 50 patents and utility models.

Thanks to our technological competence, the excellent quality and reliability of our products stand out.

We are distinguished by our ability to combine customer-specific developments, the associated industrialization, and process engineering with optimized time-to-market and highly automated series production.

Our customers include leading global companies in the energy infrastructure, industrial, and mobility sectors. Furthermore, our product portfolio enables us to continuously develop new markets and fields of application.

Customer Focus

As a technology company, we have a modular system for sensor solutions and controls. This enables us to quickly realize the creation of customized applications with a high degree of implementation reliability. Combined with our broad technology portfolio, this platform approach makes it possible to rapidly develop market-driven solutions that are optimally adapted to our customers’ challenges.


AST International aims to further expand its leading position in sensor technologies which would enable us to position ourselves as the leading supplier of integrated sensor systems for a wide range of physical parameters.

We are focusing our development activities on future-related topics such as EV-charging infrastructure, the quality of various gases and liquids, comfort, and networking in industrial applications, as well as electromobility and autonomous driving. With our products, we never lose sight of the goal of increasing sustainability, safety, and comfort.


AST International supports its customers in the energy infrastructure, industrial, and mobility sectors through the resource-saving use of innovative sensor technologies.

We are committed to our business partners and employees and align our corporate values, growth strategy, and business processes accordingly.

Our customized products meet our customers' expectations in terms of quality, reliability, performance, and innovation. 

Key areas of daily life, the working environment, and mobility are becoming safer, more comfortable, and more sustainable thanks to our activities.



Our headquarters in Calw-Hirsau, in the Northern Black Forest aerea, unites our administration, sales, and all functions from development to validation and testing, industrialization, and highly automated large-scale production under one roof.  Located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, at the center of the German automotive industry, this site employes over 200 people, including more than 50 highly qualified development engineers in the areas of software and hardware development and design.

The birthplace of Herman Hesse, this tranquil town with its historic old town and surrounding districts is home to just under 25,000 inhabitants. Driven by technology and characterized by SMEs, the local economy benefits from the synergies of a constantly growing network of entrepreneurs as well as the short connections to the Stuttgart metropolitan region, easily reached via federal roads and the highway.

Chodová Planá

To increase our competitiveness and expand our production capacities, we have relocated part of our production to Chodová Planá in the Czech Republic. Merely 350 km from our headquarters, this certified site focuses on spare parts and small series production for the automotive industry and employs just over 70 people.

With nearly 2,000 inhabitants, the village of Chodová Planá is close to the German border and located about ten kilometers south of the historic spa town of Mariánské Lázně.


Although the roots of the company go back more than 250 years, it began specializing in electronics over 40 years ago and has continued to develop this segment until today. 

The company was already founded in 1766 in Calw (the site of its headquarters) in Baden-Württemberg.

1926: Robert Seuffer takes over the company.

1980: Ushers in the start of production for mechatronic products, mechanical assemblies, and integrated electronics.

2009: The new development center in Calw is opened.

2019: Blantyre Capital acquires the Robert Seuffer company which has since been operating as AST International GmbH. The financially robust international investor supports the company in its growth trajectory and the further expansion of its business areas.

2020: The additional production facility in the Czech Republic, which focuses on manual production, is inaugurated.

Under the leadership of the new management team, a "Vision 2025+" growth strategy is being implemented that will shift the company’s focus to sensor technology.

Furthermore, there are concrete plans to expand production, both at the headquarters in Calw and at its site in Chodová Planá in the Czech Republic.

The close interaction between the research and development department and production and sales departments is proving effective and reinforces management in their chosen course.

Today, AST International specializes in the development and production of sensors and controls.

These products are primarily used in the energy infrastructure, industry, and mobility sectors. The company employs more than 250 employees at its sites in Germany and the Czech Republic, including over 50 highly qualified employees in the areas of software and hardware development and design.