eMission Zero

Taking responsibility for the environment and society is essential to us as an innovative technology company. For this reason, we are focused on avoiding environmental pollution and minimizing our ecological footprint. We also aim to preserve a livable environment and a healthy livelihood for future generations through our eMission Zero measures.

Increase in Efficiency/Savings

Power consumption in kW/h

Gas consumption in kW/h

Summary of emissions in tons

The Northern Black Forest region is well known for its wealth of resources, which is precisely why we want to protect these perishable yet very valuable resources through sustainable, long-term use. AST International GmbH has water abstraction rights to the Schweinbach stream. Flowing through the company premises, water from this stream is used for cooling. Afterward, the water temperature is monitored and fed back into the stream.

Water consumption in m³

Reducing the amount of waste, especially hazardous materials, is an indispensable measure that helps our company take another leap toward sustainability.

Quantity of waste in kg

Product Cycle

We take a comprehensive approach that begins with procurement and extends through production to the delivery of our products. Therefore, we at AST International ensure that our production processes use materials derived from sustainable sources and we design our production processes to be as energy-efficient and resource-conserving as possible.


Product development

  • Consideration of stakeholder requirements
  • Material selection aims for high resource efficiency by using secondary raw materials and increasing recyclability


  • Environmental management
  • Energy management 
  • Use of the optimal technology
  • Avoidance of critical substances

Transport and logistics

  • Bundling of shipments
  • Efficient use of cargo space
  • Deployment of transport with low emissions

Recycling and waste management

  • Compliance with laws and directives 
  • Commitment to optimizing recycling processes 
  • Reduction of the waste disposal rate

Products for Promoting Sustainability

We are counting on modern technologies and innovations to make the world a better place to live. Our sensors drastically reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption thanks to their individual application. By encouraging sustainable activity, our sensor technology is helping to achieve CO2 targets.


At AST International GmbH , we believe that sustainability is a continuous process that we are constantly improving rather than a goal to be achieved. Not only do our eMissionZero measures advance us as a company, but also support our customers, partners, and their activities.