Current- and Voltage Sensors

AST's current sensors are based on indirect current measurement using a 3D Hall ASIC specially developed for this task. This measures the magnetic field created by the current in a conductor with extreme precision. In particular, the strengths of this measuring method come into play when high currents (>500 A) are involved, because in contrast to shunt-based systems there is no additional power loss at the measuring element. The shape of the current-carrying conductor can, by and large, be adapted to accommodate the installation space and measuring range requirements of the respective application. The current is measured under complete galvanic isolation following the electromagnetic principle. Voltage measurements are also galvanically isolated. Isolation is achieved by means of an isolated digital interface, which enables high sampling rates so that dynamic signals can be reliably recorded. The current/voltage sensors are primarily used in the powertrain of battery-powered electric and fuel cell-based vehicle drive systems and the corresponding DC fast-charging infrastructure as a version conforming to calibration regulations. The current measurement range of the application-specific sensors extends up to 2,500 A thus supporting future generations of fast charging stations and vehicle architectures.