In medical care, digitalization is becoming increasingly relevant, and sensor-based solutions are becoming increasingly desirable. Health is a fundamental social value and is considered by many people as the most important asset nowadays. It is no question, therefore, that AST International is also extensively engaged in solutions and systems for this segment and actively contributes to shaping it.


As specialists in sensor technology, we aim to support and relieve doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals in their daily work. Our sensor and hardware solutions offer many advantages and can contribute to a smooth recovery process.

Our technologies are also suitable for research and laboratory settings, complementing existing methods, and reliably handling complex measurement tasks and experimental monitoring.

The sensor solutions provided by AST International can be easily adapted to the requirements of the healthcare sector. We hope that by using sensors in the basic medical equipment, we can relieve hospital and nursing staff. This allows the staff to focus on care and interpersonal communication with patients, while leaving monitoring and control tasks to the technology.

A similar situation exists in research: Standardized and regularly recurring tasks can be reliably and accurately automated. Negative factors resulting from manual handling are thus eliminated.