Our Approach

Thanks to our professional project management and close coordination with our customers, the path from prototype to serial product is exceptionally short.


Sales & Project Management

Thanks to our professional project management, our customers actively take part in all project phases. This enables us to develop customized solutions and bring them into mass production very quickly and efficiently.

Our clients can always rely on us and are aware of where we are in terms of process and timing due to our absolute reliability and consistent customer focus.

Compliance with modern standards is a given and upon customer request, we develop according to ISO 26262 (functional safety) and ASPICE. Our products meet the requirements of the ASIL (A-D) risk classification.

Being familiar with our customers' markets and knowing their needs enables us to keep an eye on current developments and know where the market is heading.

This makes us sought-after consultants and sparring partners when it comes to developing innovative solutions.


Research & Developement

Thanks to our profound expertise in mechanics, electronics, and software, we always find the right solutions for our customers' individual requirements.

Located in the town of Calw in Baden-Württemberg, our research and development center employ just over 50 development engineers. In addition, we maintain a close relationship with several universities and research institutions.

Testing & Validation

Since we maintain our own test facilities and laboratories, we can perform testing and validation in line with customer requirements.

We also meet the highest quality standards in the pre-development phase and thus ensure an accelerated development process.




Industrialization & Manufacturing

Integrating the production area into the development process early on is fundamental for an efficient and competitive production flow.

Our in-house process development team has many years of expertise in sensor manufacturing thus ensuring that the optimal production concept is always selected. Implementation is then carried out with the help of partners.

For this reason, we maintain long-standing cooperations based on trust with renowned companies from the tool design and manufacturing systems sector. The shared understanding of the task promotes the path to innovative results.

Our headquarters in Calw has specialized in the production of large series using cutting edge, fully automated systems.

By comparison, our Czech plant in Chodová Planá focuses on manual series production and the manufacture of spare parts.

We guarantee compliance with the highest quality and environmental standards and are certified according to ISO 9001, IATF 16949, and ISO 14001.