DC Meter

safe - precise - legal metrology compliant

The AST DC Meter is the innovative solution for continuous measurement of high currents and voltages in charging stations.

Based on our in-house developed 3D-Hall ASIC (AST proprietary), our DC Meter enables a continuously highly precise and bidirectional measurement of transferred energy.

This impressive performance qualifies our DC Meter especially for use in fast and ultra-fast charging stations in the passenger car segment, as well as for megawatt charging systems.

Certification and Compliance

Our DC Meters are certified according to:

  • German Calibration Law: Module B (Production site according to Module D)

  • MID 2014/32/EU: EN 50470-4, IEC 62052-31

  • UL 61010


Upcoming certifications:

  • French Calibration Law: Décision n° 22.00.570.001.1 dated March 1, 2022


Our DC Meters comply with the accuracy requirements of Class B (MID 2014/32/EU) and Accuracy Class 1 of IEC62053-41:2021.


AST's DC Meters are available both in a compact version and with a remote display for complex installation scenarios.

Compact version

Backlit LCD display
2x RS485-interface
Lug for Seal
Impuls LED
Additional voltage supply
Busbar with press-in nuts
Input voltage measurement

Version with a remote display

Status LED
Backlit LCD display
2x RS485 interface
Lug for Seal
1x Ethernet interface
RS485 cable connection
DC Meter

A Technology with Great Potential

Our 3D Hall Technology creates the opportunity for accurate measurements in various current ranges. With a team of experienced developers, we are working to fully harness the capabilities of this technology and utilize it for measuring much larger or smaller currents.

Charging Infrastructure

For a reliable direct current charging in various applications, we offer variants in different power classes. From compact wallboxes to powerful megawatt charging systems – our technology provides the appropriate solution.


The DC200 is specifically optimized for use in DC wallboxes. This compact solution allows for precise measurements and efficient power monitoring to ensure reliable direct current charging of up to 200 amperes.


The DC650 is AST's solution for legally compliant fast charging stations in the higher power range. With advanced features and very high accuracy for currents up to 780 amperes, this is the proven choice for your application.


With its impressive performance in the megawatt range, the DC1500 is designed for demanding applications. This advanced solution allows for charging EV trucks and buses with up to 1500 amperes at 1250 volts and is ideal for use in charging parks or commercial applications.


The DC3000 is being developed for the upper range of current measurement, for example, in power supply buoys for cargo ships or for use in future charging parks. With its very high performance, it ensures that even high energy demands in demanding environments are measured with the highest accuracy.

Smart Grid

For the planning and control of smart grids in the future, measurements of much higher currents and voltages are required. The variants DC3000 and DC5000 will contribute to optimizing efficiency and sustainability in energy distribution through extremely precise measurements and secure power monitoring.


In addition to its use in MCS, our current research and development efforts focus on the requirements of Smart Grids. With high accuracy and performance, we aim to enable precise measurements in large power grids as well as wind and solar parks. This contributes to intelligently controlling energy consumption.


Our research in the field of smart grid measurement goes far beyond conventional solutions. Through continuous innovation and the commitment of our team, we are developing DC meter solutions that meet the requirements of the power grids of tomorrow.

Transparent Billing:

Our encrypted OCMF protocol ensures transparent billing. Compatible with S.A.F.E. Transparency Software.

High Quality:

Operates from-40°C to +80°C. Real-time data updates every 500ms for current and voltage. Supports Ethernet and RS485 with 1.000V DC insulation. Equipped with a backlighted LCD display.


Charging cable resistance compensation or 4-wire-measurement. Supports bidirectional energy flow.

More Information?

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AST provides the highest level of security and precision with the DC Meter. Thanks to our corporate history, we have extensive experience in the mobility and sensor industries, and we apply this expertise to innovative solutions.

Let's work together to advance the charging infrastructure.


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